Strategic Communications: The Science Behind the Art

Katie Harrington
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Public Relations has a PR problem (oh, the irony). This book aims to fix that.

The goal of Strategic Communications: The Science Behind the Art is to empower Public Relations and Communications professionals with the tools they need to create great campaigns and demonstrate the results.

More hands-on than academic, the book is a back-to-basics guide to great Public Relations – because though technology changes at lightning pace, the core principles of communications don’t.

By implementing the concepts outlined in the book, Communications and PR professionals will be able to create strategic, long-term plans and impactful shorter-term campaigns.

What does the book cover?

- The Barcelona Principles in practice

- Where to find your audiences and how to target them

- The PESO model: Creating integrated campaigns

- Measurement and evaluation: Did your campaign succeed?

- Case studies on local and global brands

- Action lists to help you put the theory to work in your next campaign

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    145 pages
  • Size2.49 MB
  • Length145 pages
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Strategic Communications: The Science Behind the Art

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